Kids' Questions

"Wisdom begins in wonder"
- Socrates

Here at Curiouscity we measure our success by the kind of questions the children ask. We firmly believe that when a child is interested enough to ask us a question, they are engaged, they are thinking, and they are interested in the subject material presented. It doesn’t matter how trivial or seemingly unimportant the question is. If it is important to the child , it is important to us. When a child asks us a question that we don’t know the answer to, that’s when we know we’ve done our job. Rather than avoid it or give a shaky answer – we honestly tell them we are stumped and it’s an amazing question and then we all go out and look for answers and meet again to see if we do have an answer.

I wonder if the rain bends towards a strike of lightening?

Question asked at Headstart, Static Electricity workshop

I think alcohol likes the colour more than water does

Lawrence School, Ooty, Chromatography demonstration

Is purple cabbage juice an acid or a base?

Question asked at Acids and Bases workshop