Aakanksha B.M (age 10)
Lawrence School, HSR Layout (2019)

"First, I want to tell that the teachers just explained [everything to] us in a very good manner and it was so much of fun and the experiments were mind blowing, just amazing! I liked all the things. I just learned new things which were amazing! That how magnets were made, worked etc., learning about electricity was so nice. And thanks a lot!"

Madhumitha (Teacher)
Inventure Academy (2019)

"It was excellent and innovative. It was very child-friendly and interactive. The children learnt a lot along with the fact that they had great fun!""

Srinidhya P (Age 13)
Lawrence School, Koramangala (2018)

"It is so exciting to me and new to me and I have learnt new experiment such as bubbles, marbles and pressure cooker, gum, water, temperature, so on. I loved a lot of the experiment and explanation of the teachers. I think I should also try it in home. Especially the steam boat. I experienced lots of thing today even though I am not so interested in science Today was the Best Day. I learnt lot and lot of things."

K. Ramya (Teacher)
Lawrence School, HSR Layout (2014)

It was a very fruitful experience. VIII standard children found it more interesting. Recently they had surface tension topic in the class. The experiments which were demonstrated and shown were really different and simple from the textbook experiments. Children really asked more questions, enquired, went blank, happy, all different moods! Questionnaire was really mind-blowing! Children enjoyed the video part too. If you can have more experiments for higher classes, it would have been more than a success!

Sneha Dixit (age 9)
Claytopia (2010)

"I enjoyed these science classes because we didn’t learn through textbooks, we learnt through experiments with the strange material (which was not so strange later on). I would of course join next year."

Madhumita’s parent
Hippocampus (2008)

"The children definitely learned that science is fun. I am sure that some aspect of the scientific temperament was also communicated. Working in groups seems to help them enjoy a lot. […] In fact, if Madhumita did not finish other stuff, we told her to hurry up else she would miss camp. She enjoyed herself thoroughly.p>