Curiouscity is run by Dr. Shonali Chinniah (a marine biologist and ecologist) and Anil Chinniah (entrepreneur and urban environmentalist), along with a team of others, with the aim of making science learning an experiential process. We have conducted hundreds of science learning programs at different locations in the country, which have touched over 10,000 children many of whom are first generation learners.

Curiouscity is currently building a Science Centre in Bangalore, India, which aspires to be a one of it’s kind, vibrant interactive space for exploring science. We follow a Robin Hood model, where we charge schools that can afford it and do it free events for low income and government schools.

The land and the shell of the building have been donated by Anil and Shonali Chinniah, and they are now looking for funds to buy some of the more exclusive science models.

Below is a wish list of a few of the more expensive items we hope to raise funds for. If we receive enough in pledges, we will have each of you send the money directly to the company Science Kinetics (sort of like a wedding registry) and they will ship the same directly to us. The company is giving us a 15% discount on all their items. We ask that each of you pledge a minimum of $100 to make this viable… and feel free to donate enough for a whole product and make our day.

Every penny you donate will at some point be used by children, some of whom have never slept on a bed, never traveled in a car, and never seen an ocean – help us make this dream come true for them.

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1. Gear Table - $5,000 (incl. shipping)

EXPERIMENT WITH SAIMPLE MACHINES. Gears Tables are designed around an extremely important educational concept, fun. These colorful and sturdy interactives provide children with an open and playful environment to create their own experiments and challenges while learning about the power and function of simple machines.

2. Magnetic Ball Wall - $6,500 (incl. shipping)

A WALL OF ENDLESS FUN. Both children and adults will delight in creating their own giant ball wall configurations. A large assortment of magnetic tracks, chutes, tubes, spinners, and other amazing features provide your guests with the tools for a truly memorable experience. The educational value of this highly-interactive exhibit is without limit. Potential and kinetic energy, friction, inertia and gravity are concepts that come to life on the ball wall.

3. DIY Laser Harp Kit - $8,000 (incl. shipping)

A complete electronics kit including everything needed to make a harp minus the physical frame structure. The kit included: 12 Lasers rated at 10,000 hour life, 12 adjustable laser mounts, Laser detector boards with sensitivity adjustment, Main bus board with 24 inputs, MIDI encoder board, Laser power supply, Detector power supply, Bulk hookup wire, Terminal blocks, MIDI connector, Wiring diagrams and instructions.

4. Augmented Reality Wall - $15,500 (incl. shipping)

We want to bring the captivating and high-tech world of augmented reality with this amazing new exhibit. Utilizing a computer running specially developed software, a projector and a camera, almost any wall surface can be turned into a highly immersive experience. Younger scientists will have a blast interacting with the virtual fluids both with their bodies and shapes that magnetically attach to the wall. Since the behavior of the fluid is modeled on actual fluid dynamic principles, older students and adults will find it fascinating to manipulate the various shapes while observing the effect on the flow patterns.