Curiouscity runs a number of educational programs tailored to the development of scientific temperament in the individual student. We have over 50 delightful and unique workshops on concepts ranging from “The Scientific Method” to “Electricity” to “Ant Feeding Preferences - designed by experts in the field of science and education. We run summer camps and field trips both locally and as of 2019 are also running an international field trip to the Galapagos.

For schools, we run Science Fairs based on water and are developing a new one on Electromagnetism. We hold lecture demonstrations and day trips, and also offer a teacher training program that goes beyond the conventions of the B.Ed. into some of the most innovative techniques and attitudes in worldwide educational research.

We also run heavily discounted programs in rural and Government schools, where we pride ourselves in maintaining the same quality and experience, in order to give those children a chance who most need it.
If you have ever felt that your child has suddenly lost their once sparkling interest in things around them, stopped asking the endless "WHY" questions, and attends science classes with trepidation, ask yourself "WHY?”

In the minds of many children, science takes on the image of being full of ugly "equations", difficult "formulas" or "definitions" that make no sense. Has anyone ever taught your child that the basic idea behind an EQUATION is that the two quantities are EQUAL on both sides or used a balance to show them that if they add or remove anything from one side they need to do the same to the other side? It is so simple, yet it is something that hardly any of our children really learn in that manner. The aim of Curiouscity is to bring back the JOY of science where one starts with a practical approach to solve problems or to understand some basic principles of science without using endless definitions. These programs are designed for smaller groups of individuals who can sign up for our events at different locations around Bangalore such as the Hippocampus Learning Center, Claptopia, and Koothuhala.

Our target group has been children between the ages of 8 to 12 years. Recently we have also introduced classes for a younger age group of 6 to 8 years. Our work has targeted several groups of children since we started in 2009, in short term (2 weeks) and long term (1 year) programs.

We also do summer camps and field trips with individuals who sign up for these events individually.
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Our Urban School programs are designed to bring innovative science events to your students. Given how teachers are already so busy with teaching the core cirriculum, they do not have the time to create many new science events with children, and that is where we step in.

We at Curiouscity have desgined several programs to bring events to your school in the form of half day hands on and interactive Science Fairs, or shorter one hour lecture demonstrations that bring about a WOW factor in learning about new topics. We also have created Day trips to sites around the city from Waste Management programs to Exploring the water bodies in our cities. Our field trips take students on short (2 or 3 day) or long (10 day) science related trips which include astronomy to field sciences – from Masanagudi to the Galapagos islands.

We have also created teacher training programs using science based examples on taking parts of the syllabus and creating a hands on learning approach to the same.
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We have conducted programs at several rural schools or lower income schools in and around Bangalore and also as far as Pench. These programs include Science Fairs, Workshops and Teacher Training Programs. All our programs are done at cost or we find sponsors to cover the basic cost of transport and materials, so we can do the programs for free at these Rural Schools.
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