Summer Workshops

Our Summer Camps happen in April and May for 1-2 weeks with a two hour session each day (5 days a week). They are fun filled intensive programs where the kids attempt to solve problems and build things of their own designs. The children work in groups to come up with solutions to the given tasks.

These classes are limited to 16 students, so there is plenty of space to innovate and get hands on experience with all that we do. We usually attempt to cover topics in a theme, such as:

  • Looking at the truth behind primary colours
  • Acids and bases - ever made green eggs and ham?
  • Techniques for purifying water - will YOU drink it?
  • Measuring heartbeats - find out if you are active or passive!
  • Dropping eggs – techniques in structural design.

We have designed over 50 workshops with the aim of getting the children to experiment and learn basics of science techniques through experimentation, analysis and observation. The binding factor in each is that the children investigate while we facilitate.


For details of fees charged and schedule / availability of workshops and programs, we request you to kindly email Payments should be made directly to the Curiouscity bank account by Bank Transfer / NEFT.