Teacher Training Programs

The challenge of every teacher today is to make learning fun and exciting while simultaneously addressing the challenges of “covering the syllabus”. While we recognize the practical challenges of syllabus based learning, our teacher training programs attempt to supplement conventional classroom learning by introducing fresh ideas and innovative tools to the teachers.

The idea behind our teacher training workshop is not to reinvent the wheel in terms of the syllabus, but to pull out modules within a syllabus and change things around to make the children discover a concept rather than be taught the same – and to expose teachers to the value of such “discovery-based learning”.

We have many methods of doing this, from student teaching, to challenge setting, to negative challenges, creating analogies that work – all of which can be used to create an environment that encourages children to think, and ask questions. A child asking a question is a child who is interested. How we address these questions is how we keep the child interested.

This program has been designed and conducted by highly qualified scientists and educators with extensive research and teaching experience.


For details of fees charged and schedule / availability of workshops and programs, we request you to kindly email info@curiouscity.org. Payments should be made directly to the Curiouscity bank account by Bank Transfer / NEFT.