About - Discovery Center

  • Science Exploration Spaces - The indoor space of 25,000 sq feet. contains various experiments, exhibits and maker spaces.
  • Illusions and Escape Rooms - Our Illusions and Escape rooms provide endless fun to kids and adults alike. Walk through a room full of mind-bending, eye-decieving illusions where nothing is really as it seems, and experience the limits of human senses.
  • Outdoor Space - The outdoor space of 80,000 sq. ft soon will have mini bio-diversity zones with native species of flora and fauna, butterfly park, animal rehabilitation centre, water harvesting, waste management, etc.
  • Science Play Zone - A fun space for younger kids to play with science-based toys like magnetic sand, mechanical devices like gears and pulleys, dinosaur models, etc... to spark curiousity by tapping into the palpable playfulness of younger children.
  • Auditorium - Our 125-seater auditorium provides a space to host science related programs such as lecture-demonstrations, science theatre, talks, and films.
  • Cafe - Visitors may have snacks or a simple lunch at our cafe during 1 PM to 2 PM

Floor Map

Building bridge by children at CuriouScity - Videos